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pls. submit. a plug showbiz that is entertainment value of infiltrating the insolence presentation high production was passable it's graphics. all of this is a way to settle focus people's attention by using techniques that are sensitive that seems come out during this war we had millions military entertainment. plenty. live.
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wealthy british style. sometimes the splits priceless of the target. market. scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our to. sleep.
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live from moscow this is your headline time. politicians. before sunday's election the president says the poll will go ahead amid tight security in case of violence. polls protest the construction of a new mosque fearing it could be used for storage streamers in the country but the muslim minority says they are the victims. castaways by choice fifteen russians and bach on a year long journey of complete isolation aboard
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a floating chunk of the arctic ice. while next as promised time for take you want to tour of moscow as a best of beauty salons enjoy. young man you do. it's your duty to be. you do. not believe that out of this week's program i'll be delving into the world of police he replied wrestling barriers to western style. billions of rubles all spend especially women on products and services that make us look and feel great and we begin this week's program here at the well known cell on the hot the russian capital. whether you want your head cut nails money or skin replenished there are
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hundreds of peace albums i'm spazzing the experts tell and he any of. this extremely popular with foreigners i'm troublous how was it founded. well we started in two thousand or in tell you all current. season. but her husband. so she decided because he had a problem which. hadn't turned since column for vince's alone her. former russia. so she decided. by successful from the beginning using a range of russian and western products you can expect the same high standards and treatments that you would get in say london or paris b.c. has always been a subject of high importance in russia for centuries appearance and style in society has been a necessity from botox to muscle as long as
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a range of cosmetic treatments available old style speak english here the prices are competitive and is popular with men and women of all age ranges i'm told this facial muscles here will not only employed blood circulation but also boost my complexion from cotton. great spoiled and beautiful dresses. designed lipstick it's a multi million dollar industry that will never disappear. us . and leaving the experts so long as we travel to meet this week's guests let's take a look at this week's entertainment news. with special needs on running around the world it's all about designer brands these days and these very fashionable drinks as presented in moscow recently specially invited guests coming to the event to join the bush is the owner of a luxurious spend you in some to pay for and he says russians know how to pass
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a. r.c.c. trisha. every time a great expanse every summer you do amazing body of b.a.p. in central bay we do our sewing date room during the festive ali. we do in paris should be a few. people eat every time swedes are shiny. says sixty russian seaport mission was. one of the world's most popular entertainment companies have to come into the russian capital to show in christian the course you know. it's the second time the downswing canadian circus has performed in the russian capital. for the performance especially when you've been rated on the territory of the english in the key stadiums. the construction is a show in itself but amazingly takes only several minutes to arrange the impressive large tent which fits almost three thousand people. the first show was about energy . because russia. was going through the price of the.
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art because russia is about. not to be safe it's not just a bounce to complex in the fashion crazy world of most goods you take beautiful clothes most. arriving at the fred perry store and to trust god we had to meet someone who spends their lives working with beautiful people every day. and so let me meet you listening to tell me how are you involved in the world of p.c. i mean the working of the scald for more than ten years. and we're here on the street called tell me about the area. or one of the area where you can make it were a nice to meet beautiful people when they're.
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there is one of the pull from our bar to reach. like close to their next building and people rely on to spend time here or done time but i mean one problem not just with all moscow but russian in general is that when it comes to p.c. or you know where there would be clothes or makeup or a perfume it is more expensive here that's true because. most of the products there is exports and here. we pay in taxes so we that's my strongest b.b. and that's why we some poles to support their own national brands as most possible tell me about your of your current projects you're working on we do. fashion network. and this is a media project worth a lot of from. designer and they spend time there quite soon.
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sure that. we. will make a lot of good services fold question people and it's kind of into time and shopping all together at. you know your experience all russian women the most beautiful in the world. generally yes i think so beautiful women you can find everywhere but. their beauty room and. i think it's quite high. and when it comes to grooming and balance he. does seem to be doing is as well. because there is no big competition for them because. they don't seem to bolt to. take attention from their women especially after the sorties they begin not so like
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. the movie. but there was a remember the women. there looks great. h. sometimes because they have to compete. for attention and pull them out. of it with your project thank you. moving on what beauty treatments can you get here in moscow well sell a molecule is not cheap treatment but many are ready to pay for any price too well groomed and nails you can have your manicure and pedicure done at may spas compiz you paul is in the capital with everything from the classic french manicure to fancy now all that is on offer. particularly is a chain of first human cosmetics shops in central moscow many of the world's best
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p.c. brands are represented in the stores and experience she says since can help each use products that will suit you best. customers can also have to make a decision right in the shop professional makeup artists who choose a palace of color to benefit you. look advisors want to highlight and suggest a range of high shadows blushes lip glosses and foundations ideal fuel every day keeps. the course fresh is famous for its beautiful women. without makeup pressure models often appear on the covers of the world's top glossy magazines and participate in international pageants. among the most famous species on excel a friend of a who was crowned miss universe in two thousand and two and the fashion mogul a tell you of a deal about who has made a stunning story on the runway and is the face of many sign of prams. cool. arriving at the final venue you can see it's
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a world away from old fashioned soviet sound on monday moscow has been catapulted into the world by storm treatment spacek than any other developing major city if you're an ex-pat over to the russian capital when it comes to being pampered i'm grooming you won't be disappointed over the past decade dozens of spa senses of beauty salons have popped up here and today i've been invited to the spot of the malmaison cross the swedes. established in one nine hundred sixty two by a man who is in love with seaweed and the ocean. is one of the leaders of the sea cosmetics and sea treaty markets in france the production side is in britain which is especially note for the abundance of seaweed moscow elite love it and now it's time to get the massage from march first treatment. with any eleven around the world this week on the spoil in the cold of russia and the fridge
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pretty complete also imprisons various treatments from countries around the world such as rocco turkey from asia and russia name just a few. and they're designed not just to make you look and feel good but they also offer various had. and friends and this muscle is here i'm hoping today is the bora bora. i'm pretty nice. to you. and with move grooming it's now time for study shows. already so one westside thing be application of our must. keep your eyes closed please so. the mask you are see weighed three types of them. and the way i'm playing it all all my so there is no secret that man i would they want to look ahead and and low cost to themselves so it's very common for land the crown
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here for treatments often i said looking looks like some of the frauds i finished my sponsorship with a dip in the relaxing believe in making day russia to go to b.c. is much more than simply fantasy it's a huge tragedy industry which thousands of people work in and as i swim in the pool off to all my treatments seems like the most relaxed beautiful city in the world. well keep young it's a cool if you want to get pumped as the song goes for city my time is up that's what we have on this week's program on the subject of d.c. i'll be back at the same time next week for full cultural shenanigans around the russian capital until then for me and the rest the team of i. cannot be an average. down damn near an animal that i don't remember.
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this place makes. but in others it sparkles and unexplainable interest. in a place where supernatural things are happening. all of. those. on our team.
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every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us for technology update on our. minds. which brighten. the bounce from phones to impressions. means friends totty. in viet nam ots available in international her tone for photo photo don't include the intercontinental hanoi westlake otoh shirts and hanoi hilton from the oprah. sedona suite. hotel a tour of
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a hotel sheraton saw a gold hotel in times hotels in the ots available in resort and spa. the headlines on all time runs out. of politicians to win hearts and minds before sunday's parliamentary elections the president says the poll will go ahead amid tight security and face survives. polls protests the construction of a new mosque fear and it could be used to foster extremism in the country but the muslim minorities say they are the victims in place they feel like second class citizens. cost a way isn't by choice. fifteen russians and bach on a year long journey of complete isolation toward a floating chunk of arctic ice a team of scientists and explorers is being taken to the north pole the border
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russia's new it nuclear iceberg. all right time now for the latest a sporting update with kate so kate russian and irish football fans will be glued to their tallies tonight hiero yes in just on the six hours russia will kick off in dublin against ireland in the group b. qualified euro twenty twelve as we know we have all the build up plus the rest of the sport that's coming up next. hello and welcome to the sports news and here are the headlines. we must not use that russia coach to count the cost spells out what's needed in friday's crucial european qualifier against silent. while simply the best caroline wozniacki secures the world number one spot after victory in china. battling through lee westwood claims through the pain barrier and it was beatty as tiger woods as the world's top
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golfers. we start with football and russia coach dick advocaat says his team can't afford to lose against island in friday night's crucial euro twenty twelve qualifier in dublin after defeat to slovak you're in moscow russia need a result against an irish side you have a one hundred percent recording group but they'll have to do it without the injured roman pavlyuchenko from the irish capital has which is ample fleet. to cover count as a man under pressure his team has to get at least a dream but preferably a win against ireland if they want to keep alive ben hopes of qualifying automatically for the euro two thousand and twelve championships disappointing defeat at home to supper well actually going to be there's always going to go again if you get to be there. for the. wall. the dutchman isn't held as he has injury problems coming into the clash
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problem publishing co mr tiny but lisa alexander kids are called is winning his battle to be fate's you richard call this another concern that chelsea defender isn't injured but have limited playing time with his club side nevertheless advocaat is adamant that the twenty seven year old is finding its way back into form. who still believes. the way. the world. we're. all in the coming into the game full of confidence there i'm beaten in the group so far taking maximum points up to victories against armenia around or i will be missing damien duff is injured want to aiden mcgeady they have a player who knows more than a thing or two about the russian team former celtic player joint sponsor moscow two months ago and it's already been receiving rave reviews for his performance and
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advocate says he'll certainly be one to watch. the. russia struggle in the past to break down teams that like to defend numbers their opponents are unlikely to sit bank which could play into russia's hands get more cogency of the likes of ushant in a counterattack however advocates say it's they won't be looking to play this way and will instead trying to impose themselves and their opponents. more. than the. old world. their. good move. it's certainly going to be a hostile environment for the russians will be up against a robust island diam fates brought on by fifty thousand fans and other cats signed
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have to stop playing to their potential they want to keep their hopes of qualifying in their own hands to give account as a man under pressure as russia face a crucial euro two thousand and twelve qualifier against ireland on friday already said his team can also afford to lose as defeat would all but end russia's hopes of qualifying automatically for poland and ukraine which bumppo played altie dublin ireland. and friday night's game is also of particular interest to one irish broadcaster brian de salvo has a soft spot for the russians and away from the training sessions he revealed why on a stroll by the reality. he's an actor who's direct to television commercials and it's also known as football pundit business all the brunt to solve a hasn't done however if that wasn't enough he also has an interest in all things russian and especially about the current state of football in the country and very nice to meet you can you tell me a bit about how you got interested in russian football i used to be a theatre director one day i got a phone from a producer let me say there's
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a project you might buy direct i've heard about this project it was not a project we want to be on so if you go thank you very much he said hang on a minute i'm told where the premier is and he said moscow i said council of us conversation when do i get on the plane so i got got five trips to moscow in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine with absolutely fascinated going to force i was able to foresee most of the history in the russian close season but i was able to see. the world had a very boring brawl but he forgot also and so you got a chill interest in live action yeah sheen i mean he's amazing boys in dublin dream of being strike is poised most good dream of being goalkeepers and that's entirely due to your sheep the most remarkable thing really anybody remarkable things about him is that he. the international soccer world you know they're mostly voted him the greatest go people to ever live now when you consider the number of contenders
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when you consider the amount of national front teeth if you cross forward their own prejudice towards the road goalkeepers that should be remarkable achievement but yes he was remarkable he reinvented goalkeeping play by punching the ball by throwing the ball short by controlling his penalty area he was most exceptional where all this is a big match coming up on a friday russia playing republic of ireland i do see the game going well basically on paper the russian team has a special i mean they will play champions league football but it's a recent record. the bar is made because of the if it happens where is the republican ball and the dumb very want recently many of their players don't play fish in the first teams of their clubs and very few of them play in league in the premier league so it's a very interesting encounter if russia could discover it for russia russia with. bucky believe that it was a problem with two to two women on it becomes
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a problem but still. profits and that's very. much in love it could be q one i'm looking forward to get definitely just a bit of that it could be three. but meanwhile former russia coach bruce hiddink takes his turkey side to beilin to face germany with the wind i guaranteed the top spot in group a by science have won their first two games in qualifying and held a training session at the ballon lympics stadium on thursday that venue should have an electric atmosphere with thousands of turkish germans living in the city and there's also plenty linking the two teams on the pitch turkey squad includes germany based brothers how much and how well out in top and curry side and while germany based the super message is of turkish descent. on some action now and on thursday night results snatched three goals past iran and friendly in abu dhabi the five time world champions took the lead off the fifteen minutes to
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a danny alva's free kick and the score stayed at one nil until half an hour to go and examine the results second then the third came in injury time no ma getting it his ninth goal in twenty two parents is brazil will play ukraine another friendly in england on monday. to tennis now and there's a new number one in the women's game caroline wozniacki has claimed top spot from serena williams after reaching the quarter finals of the china open in beijing the twenty year old dane defeated czech at track kryten off six three. two she becomes the third player in the last two years to climb to the top without winning a grand slam serina williams lost her crown after being out of action since undergoing foot surgery in the summer doesn't ask you meanwhile is loving her new status every encounter of trade about with birth and hospital care so so that's why i'm very proud of what i've achieved from the commissar world number one and. it's surreal and we could also be
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a few changes at the top of men's golf tiger woods reign as world number one will come to an end if england's lee westwood finishes at least second as and andrews this weekend he's playing in the alfred dunhill links championship and although he suffered a recurrence of a calf injury during his opening round he decided to carry on and was poor shots off the pace ahead of granted a leader shared by thomas bjorn ricardo gonzalez martin the faber and martin lead they all carded a sixty six and europe's ryder cup hero graeme mcdowell was also back in action but westwood he was also four shots off the lead. the new basketball season is about to start in russia with organizers predicting another successful year for the newly formed league the professional basketball league began last season as the successor to the now defunct super league nine of the former teams will compete this year along with one rocky side mission if not good at the chairman of the new league's council under the tootin sports minister vitale must go rock to mistake
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about the p.p.l. speech as you mentioned. be aware it's the first league in russia established by the basketball clubs themselves this isn't an unusual thing in europe where clubs come together and determine the rules of the game if russian basketball isn't at its best and probably now is not the best time to start a new project with nothing could stop us. also about to start as the new n.b.a. season the l.a. lakers have been in barcelona for a warm up game and suffered another zero defeat l.a.'s paragraphs always in the sake of it. at the exhibition match in catalonia some dumbass like this so had now thirteen points in just the first period and though he slowed it down from that on he still goes to a team high twenty four kobe bryants here still recovering from a knee injury that is another fifteen if you want it was bosses got the he killed the top story on the night lakers were within the last it was seven seconds to go but mchale wait in the police rice pasta actually reach twenty six points to him
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and all bryant attempted out by save beating three points after it misfired so it finished ninety two eighty eight to the hosts. one finally an embarrassing moment for one footballer heard about in defend a pizza near my house apologized after accidentally touching the breast of a woman referee what's worse is that it was all shown live on t.v. it happened during the match without a man yet in the german second division apparently my aunt says he went to tap baby on that shine house on the shoulder without looking i got more than he bargained for but both of them saw the funny side to the game incidentally and the goal this . and that's all the sports news for now but please join me for another update in just under two hours see that. him.


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